Analytical Essay Outline Guidelines for Students

An outline can serve students as a great helper, when writing a paper, whether it is coursework, diploma creating or simple essay writing. If you still hesitate and are not sure, if this is worth your time, we can provide you a list with benefits of outline creating. Scroll down to get acquainted with it!

Creating an outline helps you with:

  • Planning Your Paper. It happens, when a student is writing a paper and cannot bring his/her thoughts into one clear idea, he/she gets lost among those thoughts and does not know how to continue writing. That is where an outline comes up. When you created an outline and mention everything, that you want to include in your paper, you can be sure, that even if you forget something, you can easily look there and keep moving in your habitual rhythm of writing.
  • Staying Focused. Once you get an outline, somehow you feel obligated to do everything in accordance to this, which helps you to stay focused on the task and get rid of all distractions. In some way, it is similar to to-do lists, that a lot of people create to be more productive throughout the day. You make a list, and you are eager to accomplish all the tasks. Here, if you create an outline, you want to turn every its point into the finished essay's part.
  • Reminding of Important Moments. If suddenly you realize, that you wanted to mention something in your essay, but forget what exactly, you can look straight at your separate outline paper and understand what it was. So remember one thing. Once some great idea came to your mind, write it down on your outline list, so, in case, you forgot it, you could easily look there and remember everything back. It is comfortable, is not it?

That is how an analytical essay outline can help you during essay writing for your college or university. Now let's review how to create such an outline and make it look appropriately so that it could get you some really useful help in the future.

How to Outline an Analytical Essay Properly

We have already dealt with the usefulness of creating an outline. Now we have to deal with the question "How to outline an analytical essay?" First of all, there is nothing complicated about it. There is really nothing hard about creating an outline for an analytical essay, and you simply need to think a little and understand what the main ideas of your paper are and how to divide them into three structure parts. When you are done with that, create a handy plan!

A lot of analytical essay topics exist, but we decided to provide you with an example of an analytical history essay outline. For that, we have picked the topic, which is called "America as a land of opportunity." Scroll down to see our example and also use it, when creating your own!

Analytical Essay Outline Example to Use

Of course, it is much easier to create an outline for an essay, if you already have an example of one. That is why we have prepared an analytical essay outline example and are happy to present it to you. So, here we go!

  1. Introduction:
    • Introducing the chosen topic.
    • Two or 3 sentences, that give brief background info on the subject, explaining what "land of opportunity" means.
    • A thesis statement, which is "America is a land of opportunity, that is a desire of lots of people."
  2. Body:
    • The intro sentence of the body part. For example, "So, is America still a land of opportunity?".
    • Providing an argument to that sentence.
    • Giving an example, which supports that argument.
    • Repeat 2 and 3 items a couple of times (2 or 3, for example).
    • Brief summarizing (but do not compare with the conclusion) of the mentioned facts, which smoothly gets the reader to the end.
  3. Conclusion:
    • Thesis Restatement. For example, instead of exact repeating "America is a land of opportunity, that is a desire of lots of people," restatement "America is still a burning desire for many people and is deservedly called the land of opportunities."
    • One or two sentences, which support and conclude the mentioned facts, arguments and examples.
    • The last sentence, which puts a dot in the whole paper.

That was all that we wanted to tell you and teach you. So, we hope, we have been a great online helper for you, and you took something from this article for yourself about creating an outline for a needed paper. Create your outline, write well-planned essays and get the highest grades from your teachers! Impress them and show yourself from a bright side with your papers!