Analytical Essay Topics to Consider

Nowadays, the variety of possible tasks, that a teacher can give to students is pretty broad. Those may be essays or academic paper, coursework or a simple story written. One of such tasks is an analytical essay.

Today we are going to show you excellent examples of analytical essay topics so that you could pick one for yourself. Let's start with another question.

What is an analytical essay? What can we call as its purpose? An analytical essay is a kind of academic paper, that separates all the facts so that readers would be able to get them more easily and discuss what those facts actually mean. It usually reaches a conclusion, which has to be grounded on the analysis of points and tries to get readers to agree with this conclusion.

To find some good analytical essay topics, you have to scroll down. We have gathered and collected the most exciting essay themes for you!

Analytical Essay Topics List for Good Writing

Have you already picked a theme? If you have not decided it yet, what topics to write an analytical essay on, you have come to the right place!

Here is the list of areas, for which our topics are suitable:

  • Police essay;
  • Youth essay;
  • Crime essay;
  • Literature essay;
  • Equality essay.

Police Essay Topics

Scroll down to find the most suitable topic for a police essay from the list!

  1. How effective is the method "Stop and Search," that is used by the police?
  2. A story about the first ride along.
  3. A subculture of the police.
  4. What do different ethnic groups think about police activity?
  5. Misconduct of police. How can the misconduct be revealed?
  6. The brutality of Police. Include your opinion on such a moment.
  7. History of Organization of Police.
  8. Traffic police and its features.
  9. Ways of how the police achieve justice.
  10. Is there anything you would change in the police system? If yes, tell what. If no, tell about the advantages of the present system.

Youth Essay Topics

Scroll down to find the most suitable topic for a youth essay from the list!

  1. Youth as a hope for the future.
  2. What does today's youth look like?
  3. What qualities should today's youth have to achieve a wonderful future?
  4. How does today's youth differ from the youth 10, 20, 30 years ago? Explain.
  5. Imagine the youth of the 2030 year and try to explain, how it differs from the present one.
  6. Does technology make the youth work faster, more efficiently and be smarter?
  7. Have relationships between the youth and parents improved and became better?
  8. The present youth is more productive than a few decades ago. Do you agree or not?
  9. The youth's role in society.
  10. Imagine, that you are in the year 2040. What advice would you give to the youth of that time?

Crime Essay Topics

Scroll down to find the most suitable topic for a crime essay from the list!

  1. Should those, who are responsible for the crimes of their children be parents?
  2. How can justice be achieved? Organizational Issues.
  3. Have you seen a real crime yourself in life? Tell about it.
  4. Crime and every intrigue that comes with this in the process.
  5. Does it mean, that if a person committed a crime, he/she would do that again?
  6. Can crime be forgiven? Explain your position.
  7. Crime and poverty relationship.
  8. What can become the reasons for committing a crime?
  9. Is it possible to predict, which infants would grow up as criminals?
  10. Come up with an idea! How would you punish for committing crimes? Include your point of view and examples.

Literature Essay Topics

Scroll down to find the most suitable topic for a literature essay from the list!

  1. Analyze your favorite book with its details and your opinion.
  2. The best tragedy of Shakespeare for you. What did you like there?
  3. Ancient Greek Literature and its features.
  4. Masterpieces of the 19th century and the 20th centuries.
  5. Tell about the five best literature writers ever.
  6. Analyze your favorite poem.
  7. Drama Genre. Its features and your favorite composition in such a genre.
  8. How differ the literature of this time and 20 years before?
  9. Do you have skills for writing? Analyze yourself in an essay!
  10. What was the first book, that you have read? Tell about it in details.

Equality Essay Topics

Scroll down to find the most suitable topic for an equality essay from the list!

  1. Gender Equality. Your opinion on such an issue.
  2. Women and men equality in the workplace.
  3. Equality in such part of life as family life.
  4. Pros and cons of using the words "feminism" in different countries. Do you agree with its existence or not?
  5. Equality in health and social care.
  6. What professions can be done well by men and women equally?
  7. The Act of Equality of 2010.
  8. Do you agree with the thoughts, that women have fewer rights than men do? Explain your position.
  9. Neolithic and Paleolithic Eras: Gender Inequality.
  10. If you have ever observed the real gender inequality situation in life, tell about it.

Now you have 50 topics for essay writing to choose from. So, we hope, you did. Write your essays and get the best grades from your teachers!